In exclussive for all World:

Proyect P2PFire

P2PFire 1.3 FINAL (C) 2004, 2005 ModMa Technologies

Link to access to project downloads (binaries & sources):

The Idea:
- The driver is a super firewall, so that you understand it, it is similar to P2PHazard or Peerguadian, but working as a firewall, it does not consume excessive resources of memory, and it does not consume CPU hardly (usually 0%)
- Its main function resides in protecting as much to the system, of entrance incoming or outoding packets affected in blocklist, blocking totally in all the protocols
- Also it allows total protection (optionally) against NetBios
- Allows to choose that protocols are not desired to be filtered (does not affect NetBios)
- the protection that offers against these equipment is at level of Stealth - Now it supports a format I specify (expanded Guarding.P2P) to filter protocols and ports selectively (TCP and UDP)
- Full written in C/C++ (Visual C .Net 2003) no uses MFC (firewall driver in C, application in C++)
- Designed por Windows 2000, XP, 2003 & XP 2003 x64 edition

How works P2PFire?
- Its engine that filter by indexes, based in a firewall driver 32/64 bits plataforms does of this application is powerful and trustworthy
- The engine searches all the packets of the adapters finding mathes, between ranks of ips, ports and protocols
- The filters of white & black lists are in format of: ipfilter of emule and guarding of peerguardian
- Uses too a expanded format that alow ports & protocols
- The capacity is 0.1% CPU (over 100.000 filters by 20 packets per second) in a AMD 64 3000+
- Don't busy the system and does not consume excessive memory
- It works at API-HOOK level (kernel driver)
- It does not require installation, does not contaminate the system, easy execution, it does not contain spyware or similars
- The difference of its competitors is the full statistic of blocking, controls in real time all the activity of the communications

Why use P2PFire?
At last times, Internet was not as aggressive as before, now what it is in the network, they are worms, virus, attacks of hackers, vulnerabilities of the operating systemů
The program this oriented to be used in programs of type P2P: emule, bitorrent, etc.
But too it is very useful for servers/network administrators, who need an amplie range of IP filters, or to protect the system, to block the access on different attacks from Internet.
At the moment this guaranteeing by numerous forums and webs dedicated to the security.

Why join now this project in sourceforge?
It already does just 1 year from the birth of the project that was closed the P2PHazard community.
My intention is that everybody participates (all world) in addition to the P2PHazard community, that people can integrate the filter API at programs P2P or security systems (very easy), besides to make portable to other operating systems (this demanding for the platform linux)
Another reason is the continuation of the project that also uses this engine: P2PHazard 2.0 helping the developers to access to sources in real time.
In addition in the future it will be multilanguage (at the moment in Spanish)

Present Funcionability 1.3:

- Easy Installation/Desinstalacion (it does not need to reset PC)
- Configurable (connections Web, logs, NetBios)
- Summarized Log of all the blokeos and approximate consumption of memory
- Shutdown and restarting
- It is possible to be closed without problems (it does not need to reinitiate the PC)
- Information of the state with a system of intelligent refreshment
- Blockade Optional of NetBios and allows to open the way by means of WhiteList
- Consumption of rondante CPU to 0%! (in addition it informs into the consumption)
- Capacity to diminish to the bar of tasks, always showing the TrayIcon
- The BlockLists (BlackLists) and WhiteLists can be used but popular,
with an algorithm that founds them and it optimizes them against repeated errors and
- Support of expanded Guarding.P2P
- And many other things but!

- It lacks automatic update, at the moment
- Basing on NT does not work in any operating system that not this (nonW9x)
- It does not work without adaptations in nonadministrative accounts
- Rarely it can fail the registry of driver giving code - 6,
you can visit the forum to fix this seeing the FAQ (or other related problems)
in the P2PHazard comunity (spanish dedicated)

Installation and Use:
- Installation: to put p2pfire.exe and p2pfire.sys in some place where this guarding.p2p,
block.p2p or ipfilter.dat and to execute p2pfire.exe in surroundings based on NT (2000/XP)

- The author (ModMa) does not become person in charge of the damages who can carry out this program
everyone is responsible when executing it if it harms the operating system.
I do not become person in charge of the use to which she is done to him to this program, everyone is responsible
of which it makes with its equipment or the intention to which it is dedicated to him.